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Francis Joseph O'Day was born at home in Anderson Township, Ohio, either April 29th or 30th, 1933. Different sources state different days. Franck always maintains that his mother told him that his birthday is April 30th.

Franck's father, Thomas, was killed at the Battle of Normandy, June 6, 1944. The following year, Franck moved with his mother, Louise, to Los Angeles, to live with her brother. In 1946, she remarried. Her husband, Howard Smith, did not adopt the then thirteen-year-old Francis, so he retained his father's last name.

After three films (click here for synopses), Franck met Bridget McSwale at the wrap party for High Times in Manhattan, in 1961. They were married not long after. Franck was overjoyed by the fact that Bridget already had a six-year-old daughter. He was quoted in Life, saying, "It's like having the best, happiest family ever. Instantaneously."

This wonderful family life was cut tragically short when Bridget was murdered in 1965. Against her will, ten-year-old Maribeth was forced to return to live with her biological father in Kansas.

Happily, when she reached her majority in 1976, Maribeth and Franck reconnected. Currently, they live in Los Angeles, California, where Franck is planning his comeback. Watch this space for further news.

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